Tony Robbins UPW London April 2019
Gary Vee Live In London Sept 2018
The Details
Client: Success Resources UPW LONDON (Largest Seminar Company In The World / 500+ Events A Year) 

Needs: Success Resources approached Pro Advertising to help them design a powerful branded sales funnel for their world renowned event UPW with Tony Robbins. They needed help with rebranding, marketing strategy, and selling a large number of tickets which had a very high price tag.

Pro Advertising being one of the worlds leading marketing and sales agencies who also have alot of experience selling higher ticket products, helped Success Resources design a powerful high converting sales funnel online, and also developed and implemented a very successful Facebook Advertising strategy which resulted in a 400%+ ROI on ad spend within a 3 months period.

Below we have highlighted some of the most important parts of this campaign that made it a huge success.

Lets begin...

Firstly for us, it has been clear in all our years of experience, that branding is one of the most important aspects of a campaign and an area that most agencies fail to address which is one of several reasons they get poor results for their clients. 

At Pro Advertising we specialise in creating world class branding which allows our clients to be perceived as the best in the world.

In this instance this was a campaign representing Tony Robbins, the world's number 1 personal development influencer, so having powerful branding across the whole campaign was a key area of focus.

STEP 1: Design A State Of The Art Website And Sales Funnel...
This was a campaign where we were going to be selling tickets directly from Facebook Ads to the website.

The ticket prices were ranging from £799 all the way up to £4,999. 

Generally when selling at a high price point like this we would develop an intricate sales process involving webinars and other conversion processes. However in this instance for various reasons we could not do this.

Hence it was doubly important to have a very high end website where a visitor upon landing can perceive this to be a high impact event, and the best in the world, so would feel comfortable purchasing a ticket directly at a higher price point.
Having over 15 years of experience in direct response marketing, sales copy and design is an area where Pro Advertising excels, and it allows us to really increase the ROI for our clients. 

The Tony Robbins new branding involved designing a state of the art high impact website, with high impact copywriting and powerful videos all throughout. 

This allowed us to position the already incredible credentials Tony has and showcase his UPW event as being the number one must attend event for anyone interested in personal development and reaching their goals.

Below you can see some of the high impact videos designed for this sales funnel.
STEP 2: Deploy An ROI Crushing  Advertising Campaign...
Our main strategy for this campaign when it came to running paid ads was to focus on specific audiences in our targeting. 

These were custom audiences of the clients previous event buyers, Facebook lookalikes of those audiences, lookalikes built from our website traffic and checkout visitors and buyers etc 

And finally targeting other Tony Robbins fans as well as related keywords from the personal development niche and well known gurus.

Tony Robbins has some great content videos online as well as many testimonials and case studies. Our video team did a great job of creating very snazzy videos from this content with tag lines and headings that pop out, and we added punchy motivational and emotional copy on the ads.

Our main strategy was to build out large video view audiences who we then retargeted with special offers to buy tickets.

Here are some of our video ads below. You can click on the images to enlarge them.
We used an elaborate advertising strategy with different ad copy angles, sequenced video retargeting methods and a lot more...

However to simply things for the purpose of this case study, we can clearly say that most of the sales came through retargeting the video viewers.

As this was a high priced ticket event, the biggest objection was price. We found that by using strategically planned price jumps and playing on the element of scarcity and urgency, we could create an influx in ticket sales.

Here are some of our special offer and retargeting ads.
Overall the campaign was very successful returning on average a 400% ROI on ad spend. 

You can see a snap shot of some of the results below. 
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At Pro Advertising we have over 15 years of in the trenches experience when it comes to direct response digital marketing. 

We specialise in driving traffic from various ad paltforms such as Facebook, Google, Youtube and affiliate networks. 

We also are experts in the art of conversion and developing high impact sales funnels, webinars and sales systems.

We have worked with many small to medium sized businesses helping them scale up, and also some of the largest businesses and influencers in the world such as Gary Vee (see case study here) and Tony Robbins.

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The Details
Client: Success Resources (Largest Seminar Company In The World / 500+ Events A Year / $100M+ Revenue)

Needs: Rebrand and full marketing for their event in London with headline speaker and online celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk. There was only a 6 week deadline to fill this event!

Work Done: ProAdvertising created a whole new and exciting branding concept for this event titled 'Hustle 2.0' which incorporates the cutting edge social media and digital content themes the headline speaker is known for sharing. 

We developed a powerful snazzy branded video for the event which you can see here:

We also wrote the sales copy and developed a high converting sales funnel which
you can view a demo of here.

The sales funnel was designed to sell ticket from £129 - £1299. The conversions were very high.

ProAdvertising setup and managed all the technical integrations needed across the whole funnel and back end systems. Our support team worked hand in hand with Success Resources throughout the entire campaign.

We also ran all of the paid Facebook advertising and retargeting ads for the event. You can see some examples of our ads here:
Finally ProAdvertising developed a process to capture the top tier event attendees. We developed a process to sell a high ticket dinner with Gary Vee by application only. The lead capture process was designed to invite people to an exclusive meeting with Gary Vee and our phone sales team closed these very high end packages over the phone.
The Result: The event was a huge success with over 1500 people in attendance and a huge branding makeover that positioned the event organisers as the number one in the industry.